About Us

Company Profile

We are a leading service provider of aerial photogrammetric, thermal and multi spectral technology and provide surveying services throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Drones are able to render a total aerial surveying service to the mining, construction and gas or petroleum sectors.

Drone mapping – RPAS allows for:

  • Reliable mapping and surveying;
  • Reliable surface data and true ground levels ;
  • Cost effective, fast and highly accurate data solutions.

With accurate and quality data, better business decisions can be made within a reduced time frame.

Drones can be used for:

  • Open cast mining,
  • Stockpile volume calculations
  • Slimes and Tailings,
  • Pit faces and pit measurements
  • Disaster Management
  • Site Inspections

With a detailed understanding of the mapping & surveying process our experienced team are able to generate extremely accurate surveys and deliverables within a short period of time.

Aerial surveying reduces:

  • The man hours required,
  • The risk to employees,
  • The equipment required,
  • Cost.

Whatever your needs, we will be able to provide a suitable aerial platform, as data collection is not limited to any terrain or requirement.

Our Pilots:

  • Are CAA licensed CPL or PPL pilots with a minimum of 50 hours operating a UAV
  • Are trained and certified in safety and operational protocols with expertise in avionics, geography and aerodynamics
  • Pass regular CAA pilot examinations and skills training
  • Understand all rules and regulations set by governing bodies such as the CAA
  • Follow client and site-specific standard operating procedures