How it Works

Our autonomous fixed-wing or multi rotor drone is deployed by the professional pilot and raster data is collected over the area of interest as per the client’s requirements.

  • High resolution images are taken and raster data is stored;
  • Acquired images are rapidly processed with photogrammetric software and are transformed to digital ultra-dense 3D point clouds, 3D texturized models, Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM).
  • Data is produced to the highest quality, ensuring the sharpest resolution and accurate measurements can be obtained, this can be further customized to your format requirements.

Aerial photography of 1 to 10sqkm can be obtained in a single flight with an accuracy down to 5cm.

  • Aerial imagery is to 3cm/pixel resolution
  • Maps and elevation models can be created with a precision of 5cm.

Drone survey data is significantly more accurate data than LiDAR or terrestrial survey, as the data point density achieved is higher!

Producing accurate and reliable data with every drone flight!

  • Drone surveying is changing business by reducing costs and increasing the speed and accuracy of data collection. Companies are able to plan and monitor sites more accurately and effectively.


The Process:

  1. Flight Planning
  2. Setting Out GCP
  3. Flight
  4. Importing Images
  5. Creating DEM and 3D Point Cloud
  6. Analysis / Creating Deliverables
  7. Final Reports and Deliverables